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The best lipstick I've ever tried!
Date:April 15, 2010
The Michael Kors Lip Sheen is amazing!! the color, and how smooth it is, i love it :) I've used other lipsticks befor, but now i nevvveerrr use them i love this product, no wonder its sold out! its fantastic :D Im so happy i have this lipstick its the best ever! i<3 you Estee Lauder
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Overall Rating
3 out of 5
( 3 out of 5)
Age55 - 64
Skin ConcernAnti-Wrinkle
Using Estée Lauder For20+ years
I do not recommend this product
Better than most current Estee Lauder lipstick
Date:February 25, 2010
Best For when you do not want application to last long.
I continue to see a major discrepancy with the color Estee Lauder uses to represent its lipsticks in both online and print media. As the actual lipstick color almost always appears much different and usually duller and darker in color. In addition, lipsticks tend to appear different in color when applied, than the actual lipstick in the tube. So there are many degrees of difference between the color of the advertised product and the actual product color--and its actual application color.
I chose this lipstick because I was looking for a good pink that no longer exists. Dolly (Electric Lipstick) was the most recent EL lipstick with a color I really wanted. Too many pinks are mauves, tans, browns, rose, peach, etc. Those colors are either poor or do not work at all for my natural color palette.
This lipstick was darker in color than it looked and also appeared darker when applied. I prefer a lipstick that is not this sheer--more of an all-day or matte or texture like the Electric Dolly. The lipsticks that are too sheer tend to change color fairly soon when drinking a little of a beverage, if not to mostly disappear. Because of the semi-sheer nature, it tends to feel somewhat greasy, like lip gloss.
It's better in color than nearly all other current Estee Lauder lipsticks. My preference is to purchase EL lipsticks, but there needs to be better choices. I want my favorite colors in the right type of lipstick that works for me.
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2 out of 5
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Location: Chicagoland
Age45 - 54
Skin ConcernAnti-Wrinkle
Using Estée Lauder For20+ years
I do not recommend this product
Not for me
Date:February 24, 2010
I was really disappointed with this product. I rarely dislike any of the Estee products that I purchase. This lip stick is thick and sticky. The color was not what I expected - I ordered it on-line so the color on my monitor was obviously off from the actual color. The lip stick is supposed to have a gold, sheer color. Not even close to the truth. This is a full color lip stick without a trace of gold hue. I will probably return it. Very disappointing. I love M. Kors and Estee Lauder but not this product.
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4 out of 5
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Location: North Carolina
Age45 - 54
Skin ConcernAnti-Wrinkle
Using Estée Lauder For5 - 10 years
I recommend this product
Good lipstick, but....
Date:February 24, 2010
The color online is different than it is in person. Don't get me wrong---I love the texture and the coverage, but the color is not quite what I expected. It's fine, though, with a little peachy lip gloss over it.
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